Xiaomi TS Computer Glasses (TUROK STEINHARDT) (FU006-100) Red

Xiaomi TS Computer Glasses (TUROK STEINHARDT) (FU006-100)  Red

Lurking in the side of the "blue", may lead to visual fatigue, a large number of mobile phones, display, LED, fluorescent and other electronic equipment in the light source.

Yellow is a complementary color of blue, TS base-level blue goggles use three different properties of yellow nano-materials, the absorption of harmful blue light or barrier, blue light blocking rate of 35%. At the same time using high-order chromatography to bridge the technology to ensure that the harmless visible light through the reduction of more real color.

Xiaomi Mijia TS Anti-blue-rays glasses,really protect your eyes

* High lenses, no degree. sunglasses ,sunglasses for women ,for men

* Harmful blue light blocking rate 35%, 99.99% cut off ultraviolet rays

* Abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, folding resistance,oil pollution prevention

* Lenses used double-sided coating, can effectively prevent all kinds of display the damage to the eyes, while not causing any impact on the visual.

* Using TR90 material frame, with a high toughness and wear resistance, and the quality of ultra-light, long time to wear will not feel a sense of pressure.

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